Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday comes hard

After crawling out of a rollaway bed at 9 a.m., my throat feels like it's been mauled by razors. I haven't been around smokers in a while, and they turned a seemingly pleasant Hilton hotel room into a perfidious den of scum and villiany the likes of which you haven't seen.

Meanwhile, the con wakes up. The downtown parade is happening as I write this. The sounds of bagpipes and people screaming take up space in my head. Otherwise, events at the three hotels appear somewhat subdued. There's a few high school kids playing card games in a basement hallway of the Hyatt - a few scattered people in costume, but nothing like last night. The wait for the elevators in the Hilton was even a trial.

Note to self - ensure you reserve a room early next year so your room is within stair-climbing distance.

Breakfast seems a joke, so it's off to lunch after this post. The food court connecting the Hyatt and Marriott is always a scene each Dragon*Con. I wonder what the Sbarro employees think when slave girl Leia orders two slices of pepperoni.

Maybe they look forward to seeing her each year.

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