Sunday, September 2, 2007

TV's Frank

After staying up until 4 a.m. playing games, I'm now sitting in the lobby of the Hilton with four hours of sleep under my belt. This kind of activity typically results in "the con feeling," and it'll probably stay until I return to Columbus, get real sleep in a bed to myself, or both.

Regardless, the lack is sleep is worth it. Saturday is always a good con-walking night, and my Dr. Forrester costume of MST3K fame proved most worthy. I hadn't made it across the street to the Marriott before two people had stopped me for photographs. I probably had some 10 people total get my pic as we milled around the Hyatt and then Hilton lobbies.

That's not as many as Sauron or the numerous young ladies in corsets, but you get what you can.

Many people asked me about TV's Frank - a recurring sidekick of Forrester's on the long-running MST3K show. I came up with the best excuse I could - "I killed him - again."

I'll probably dress up again tonight, because the outfit was such a success. Luckily, the boss doesn't yet know what I've done to my hair to make the costume as authentic as possible.

I plan on keeping it that way.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cardboard Vader

So I'm walking around the dealers room and naturally getting tons of great comments on my Doctor Who scarf. It's this 12 or so foot knitted contraption that I loop around my neck a few times so I don't trip on it. Pushing through the masses in the nether regions of the Hilton, random members of fandom pass by, give a nod and a thumbs up to my own recognition of the British sci-fi show.

Thanks to Anna of Birmingham for her fine knitting skills.

Outside of the dealers room is where the oddest costumes of the day can be found. Chewbacca, a storm trooper and Darth Vader made out of cardboard glory are milling around the lobby. Kids are pushing their lightsabers up against the corrugated paper and adults are snapping pics every chance they get.

I wonder if they were in the parade. What if it rains?

Anyways, night starts up in just a few hours. I plan on debuting the Dr. Forrester costume from MST3K this evening. Maybe next, too. I just have to see how things go.

Saturday comes hard

After crawling out of a rollaway bed at 9 a.m., my throat feels like it's been mauled by razors. I haven't been around smokers in a while, and they turned a seemingly pleasant Hilton hotel room into a perfidious den of scum and villiany the likes of which you haven't seen.

Meanwhile, the con wakes up. The downtown parade is happening as I write this. The sounds of bagpipes and people screaming take up space in my head. Otherwise, events at the three hotels appear somewhat subdued. There's a few high school kids playing card games in a basement hallway of the Hyatt - a few scattered people in costume, but nothing like last night. The wait for the elevators in the Hilton was even a trial.

Note to self - ensure you reserve a room early next year so your room is within stair-climbing distance.

Breakfast seems a joke, so it's off to lunch after this post. The food court connecting the Hyatt and Marriott is always a scene each Dragon*Con. I wonder what the Sbarro employees think when slave girl Leia orders two slices of pepperoni.

Maybe they look forward to seeing her each year.